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Market Commentary – July 2021

The good news for investors at the conclusion of the second quarter 2021 was it was more of the same!  The same that is for continued appreciation in the overall U.S. stock market.  Reasons for the appreciation include the historic liquidity supplied by the Federal Reserve over the last 12 months, the fear some investors

Markets are What You Make of Them

“Life is what you make it,” a phrase every person hears at some point in their life. The appeal of this popular proverb is its universal applicability to every situation we encounter throughout our lives. Its closely related cousin, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” conveys the same sentiment, but is clearly directing our

Summer Vacation from the Technology Sector?

It may be an interesting summer for the information technology sector (up 22% YTD as of last Friday) as recent developments are particularly concerning for its short-term growth. The tight labor market is becoming worrisome for employers across the board. The unemployment rate is sitting at a historic low of 3.6%, and the labor force

WARNING: The stock market is volatile, but don’t turn your back on the bond market either.

The bull market in stocks has driven the S&P 500 higher nine consecutive years.  Investors both big and small can be thankful for this run especially after the lost decade ending in 2009. At some point there will be a significant market pullback that will reduce portfolio values and test your risk tolerance.

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